Pilates is good for all and can be done by everybody. Pilates is good for both men and women, young and old, elite athletes and those who are new to exercise. We provide group Pilates Reformer Classes 7 days a week from early in the morning into the evening, so there's almost always a Club Pilates class for even the busiest of schedules. The nature of the Reformer (and our Club Pilates approach) allows for decompression of the spine as well as stretching and strengthening of the body -- resulting in a sculpted physique and enhanced well-being of the body and mind. Pilates is physiologically efficient as it is full body focused, coupled with the use of the breath and optimized activation of the inner muscles of the body's core. Club Pilates' techniques are athletically beneficial and provide therapeutic balancing of the body.

Schedule Pilates :

Tuesday : 19.00-20.00

Thursday : 19.00-20.00

Price for member pilates : IDR 350.000/month

Insidental ( Non member ) : IDR 75.000/visit

PPN 10%