Muaiy Thai

Thai boxing  (Muay Thai) - the traditional martial art of Thailand with the traditions of a thousand-year history! The very word Muay Thai, roughly translated as "free fight." This is in our opinion the most effective style, which includes all the variety of shock equipment, which involves:  punches ,  elbows ,  legs ,  knees . 

And an important component in Muay Thai is a moral component! Among other things, a real Thai boxer - assumes responsibility for life - observe 5 rules: not to lie, not to steal, do not drink alcohol, do not take away other people's lives, do not tempt other people's spouses and do not change your. 


For kids (start 18 Des 2017 17.00pm  18.00 pm)

Monday 17.00-18.00

Saturday  17.00-18.00

Price 300k/Month



For Adults (Start 17 Des 2017 19.00-20.30)

Sunday 19.00-20.30

Friday   19.00-20.30

Price 450k/Month